Creating 360° Videos

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From time to time, you may need to remove content from your live site fast and without much complexity. Learn how to configure the visibility of a content item and use this as a workaround when time is of the essence.

LightbulbWhat you'll learn

  • Quickly depublish an article that may be linked to several pages on your live site

Person reading a bookPrerequisites

  • CoreMedia Studio
  • Knowledge about the CoreMedia system's file structure, configuration and operation

WristwatchTime matters

Editing and checking the visibility of a content item will take 3-5 minutes

Person in front of a laptopShould I read this?

This guide is for Editors.
CoreMedia Commerce feature

CoreMedia Studio enables you to create and edit 360°-Views. A 360°-Views is a sequence of pictures which shows a product from different perspectives. On the website the 360°-View enables a user to rotate through the pictures by using touch controls.

Create a 360°-View content item by clicking the image button in the library. Edit the properties of the item in the form. Note, that a valid 360°-View must have more than two pictures. Link the 360°-View to a product, so that it will be shown on a product detail page (see Adding Specific Content for Product Detail Pages (PDP).

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