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Content Application Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.4 Multi-Site and Localization Management

CoreMedia provides a concept to handle multi-site and multi-language in a standardized way.


The CoreMedia site model is defined via the bean siteModel. Refer to the Section 5.5, “Localized Content Management” in Blueprint Developer Manual to know, how CoreMedia has designed multi-site and multi-language.


To access all the features of multi-site and multi-language, you can use the SitesService defined as sitesService Bean via the bpbase-multisite-services.xml Spring Bean Declaration.

With this, you have access to all available Sites and their properties - the root folder, the site indicator, etc. Furthermore, you have access to the SiteModel specifications like the properties for master relations or of which content type the Site Indicator is. For a detailed understanding, you are asked to read the API documentation as well.

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