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Content Application Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.3.9 Unit Testing a CAE Application

In order to promote a test-driven approach for development and to make testing of services implemented with the CAE application framework easier, CoreMedia ships an ease to use test add-on to be used in your tests based on Spring Testing.

Differing from the unit testing approach, it doesn't focus on testing single classes only but helps to test services in a larger context and therefore brings the tests closer to the real world.

This approach enables to develop system tests at unit test level as there is no need for running external systems such as a content server or a servlet engine. The basic idea is to use a Spring application context that is composed from the same Spring bean declaration files that are used in the project.



Note that this requires the project Spring bean declaration in general to be self-contained and independent from each other. Otherwise, the application context could become too unhandy for testing when too many declarations have to be included recursively.

The add-on provided by CoreMedia supports an easy and convenient setup of an application context providing especially an in-memory content repository for your tests.

Below you will find two examples. For more examples, usage information and templates you might want to use in your IDE have a look at XmlRepoConfiguration.

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