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Content Application Developer Manual / Version 2310

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3.1 Connecting to the Content Server

In a CAE application there are a number of properties for setting up the connection to the Content Server, from which the Content Application Engine reads the content to be displayed. Configure the properties shown in the table to define the location of the Content Server and the identity of the user used to log in to the server.

Property Description


The URL of the Content Server


The domain of the Content Server


Define the user with which the CAE connects to the Content Server. Please note that the user must be permitted to use the webserver login service, which is only possible for the web server user, unless configured otherwise in the jaas.conf file of the Content Server.


The password of the user.


Use this property to disable the connection to the Workflow Server, because few content application require access to workflow data.

Table 3.1.  Connection properties

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