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Content Application Developer Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Rendering Markup

Render objects of type com.coremedia.xml.Markup by including them from a FreeMarker template using:

<@cm.include self=self.text/>

This uses the class XmlMarkupView as a default view, which converts richtext to XHTML applying the following transformations:

  • internal links are converted to URIs pointing back into the CoreMedia CAE

  • links (href attributes in the xlink namespace) without protocol and server are URL encoded

  • anchor and image elements with xlink href attributes are converted to XHTML a href and img src.

  • the CoreMedia richtext namespace is dropped from the elements

If you want to use your own transformations you have to proceed as follows:

  1. Define your own view, plain for example, using a Customizer:

<customize:append id="addMarkupView"
    <entry key="com.coremedia.xml.Markup#plain">
      <bean ..../>
  1. Use XmlMarkupView as the implementation of the view, but apply a custom filter factory which creates a SAX filter chain per output. Proceed as follows:

  • Let your filter factory extend RichtextToHtmlFilterFactory.

  • Overwrite #createFilters and append your own transformations before super.createFilters.

public List createFilters(HttpServletRequest req,
  HttpServletResponse res, Markup markup, String view) {

  List result = new ArrayList();
  result.add(new MyFilterForRichtext());
  result.addAll(super.createFilters(req, res, markup, view));
  1. Configure your filter factory in cae-views.xml as follows:

<entry key="com.coremedia.xml.Markup#plain">
  <bean class="com.coremedia.objectserver.web.XmlMarkupView">
    <property name="xmlFilterFactory">
      <bean class="com.coremedia.objectserver.web.
        <property name="idProvider" ref="idProvider"/>
        <property name="linkFormatter" ref="linkFormatter"/>

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