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Content Application Developer Manual / Version 2310

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3.2.1 In-memory caching (UAPI Cache)

You can configure the size of the in-memory Unified API cache and set the temporary folder on the disk to be used for holding cached blobs. Note, that the blobs saved in this folder are accessed and used solely by the UAPI cache itself and therefore their lifecycle is no longer than of UAPI cache, that is, blob files in this folder become obsolete after system shutdown.

You can configure the size of the Unified API cache and of the disk cache for blobs using the properties defined in the table:

Property Description


This property indicates the number of bytes used for the main memory cache of the Unified API embedded in the Content Application Engine. For 64 bit JVMs, the actual memory consumption may be up to twice the configured value. For 32 bit JVMs, the byte count is exact. When multiple CAEs run in a single application server, the caches are kept separate and the configured cache sizes add up.


This property defines the size of the disk cache for blobs. The blobs are cached temporarily and are garbage collected if no more needed. On the CAE restart the cached data is getting lost. Make sure to provide enough disk space for caching.


This property defines the location of the blob cache. Multiple CAEs may share the same directory for the blob cache. Again, the cache sizes add up.

Table 3.2.  Properties for UAPI and temp blob cache

Purging the Disk Cache after Forced Exits

When an application container is forced to shut down without stopping the web applications first, the CAE might not be able to clear its disk cache in time. This may happen when a Tomcat is shut down, which will invoke a process kill operation at system level, if the Tomcat does not shut down within eight seconds.

In order to avoid a buildup of left over cache files, it makes sense to purge the temporary file directory periodically during a planned downtime or every time at the start of the content application. Make sure not to purge the directory while it is in use by a CAE.

For more details on UAPI Cache implementation please consult Section 4.10, “Caching” in Unified API Developer Manual for details.

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