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Content Application Developer Manual / Version 2310

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Content Application Developer Manual

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May 24, 2024

1. Preface
1.1. Audience
1.2. Typographic Conventions
1.3. CoreMedia Services
1.3.1. Registration
1.3.2. CoreMedia Releases
1.3.3. Documentation
1.3.4. CoreMedia Training
1.3.5. CoreMedia Support
1.4. Changelog
2. Overview
2.1. Components and Use Cases
2.2. Architecture
2.3. Caching
2.3.1. Unified API Cache
2.3.2. Data View Cache
2.3.3. CacheKey Cache
2.4. The Spring Framework
3. Administration and Operation
3.1. Connecting to the Content Server
3.2. Configuring Cache Sizes
3.2.1. In-memory caching (UAPI Cache)
3.2.2. File System Cache for Transformed Image Blobs
3.3. Configuring HTTP Cache-Control
3.3.1. Object Type based Configuration
3.3.2. URL Pattern based Configuration
3.4. JMX Management
4. Development
4.1. Content Beans - Mapping content to objects
4.1.1. Structure of the Content Bean
4.1.2. Patterns For Content Beans
4.1.3. Spring Configuration
4.1.4. Programmatic Access to Content Beans
4.2. Data Views
4.2.1. Defining Data Views
4.2.2. Data View Design
4.2.3. Configuring Cache Sizes
4.2.4. Writing Cacheable Beans
4.3. The CAE Web Application
4.3.1. Handling Requests
4.3.2. Building Links
4.3.4. Writing Templates
4.3.5. Adding Document Metadata
4.3.6. Working with Forms
4.3.7. Integrating with Spring Web Flows
4.3.8. Spring Security
4.3.9. Unit Testing a CAE Application
4.3.10. Dealing with Errors
4.4. Multi-Site and Localization Management
4.5. Image Transformation API
5. Reference
5.1. Customizer
5.2. Aspects
5.3. Entity Resolver
5.4. Content Placeholders
5.5. Configuration Property Reference
5.6. Bean Definition Reference
5.7. Managed Properties

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Table Of Contents

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