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Preserving attributes in a redirect

Sometimes it is necessary to display status information (a confirmation message, for instance) as result of a POST handler. Spring MVC provides the concept of "Flash Attributes": Attributes that can be passed to the handler receiving a redirected request, for example:

public ModelAndView handleRequest(..., RedirectAttributes redirectAttributes) {

  // handle request

        "Everything is fine.");

  // send redirect using
  // HandlerHelper#redirectTo() or
  // a org.springframework.web.servlet.view.RedirectView


Because of SPR-10516 any beans added as objects to ModelAndView are converted to Strings (and might require adding a converter to bindingConverters bean (see Section 4.3.1, “Handling Requests”) as soon as request handler specifies RedirectAttributes as parameter (and only then). This might prevent link handlers to be found by bean type. In order to work around this issue it is recommended to use HandlerHelper#redirectBuilder(bean) and specify the redirectAttributes which as a result when building the model and view will receive the model bean in addition to ModelAndView.

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