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Content Application Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.1 Content Beans - Mapping content to objects

The CoreMedia CAE defines a mapping framework to create application-specific "business" objects from generic content objects. In order to do that, application specific classes have to be written and they have to be registered with a factory that is used throughout the application whenever a content object needs to be converted into an application bean.



Blueprint comes with content beans. If your project does not use Blueprint but uses content types similar to the Blueprint content types, then you may derive your content beans from the Blueprint content beans. You only have to write content beans from scratch if the content types of your project differ significantly from the Blueprint content types.

  • ContentBeans are rendered by the rendering layer. See Section 4.3.3, “Views” for details.

  • ContentBeans can be cached in DataViews. See Section 4.2, “Data Views” for details.

  • ContentBeans can be used for other purposes than rendering, for example for implementing web services, for business logic deployed in the CAE Feeder, or for custom standalone applications.

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