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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.3.8 Node Decoration Service

The node-decoration-service brick provides functionality and DOM manipulations based on events and selectors. It's intention is to support fragment scenarios to enrich pages with other content or components.

Technical Description

The node-decoration-service will be executed after all DOM ready functions have finished. It only accepts node decorators on selectors and data attributes based on jQuery.

import { addNodeDecoratorByData } from "@coremedia/brick-node-decoration-service";

// JQuery Document Ready
$(function() {
  // add node decorator for imagemaps
  addNodeDecoratorByData({}, "cm-imagemap-popup", imageMapAsPopup);

Example 6.3.  Imagemap Example



Please note that this brick contains JavaScript files, what will automatically be installed, if you add the brick to your theme package.json. See Section 5.3, “Using Bricks” to learn how to install a brick in your theme.

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