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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.3.11 Slick Carousel

The slick-carousel brick provides templates, styling, and functionality for displaying content in a carousel based on slick.

Technical Description

This brick uses the library slick, especially the fork slick-carousel-no-font-no-png. Please check the official documentation about features and configuration.

The slick-carousel provides an API to create custom carousels which can be used in themes or other bricks.



Please note that this brick contains JavaScript and SASS files, what will automatically be installed, if you add the brick to your theme package.json. See Section 5.3, “Using Bricks” to learn how to install a brick in your theme.


The brick provides the FreeMarker Library via src/freemarkerLibs/slickCarousel.ftl. Please check the template for further information.

You can define a custom prefix for the rendered carousels via the $cm-slick-carousel-prefix and decide if custom arrow styles should be enabled via $cm-slick-carousel-custom-arrows-enabled.

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