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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.6.4 Theme Importer

All CoreMedia themes provide a theme-importer script providing commands, which may be helpful only when using a remote Content Application Engine. All commands utilize a REST service co-located with Studio. It may be run by executing the command pnpm run theme-importer [command] from your theme directory. The following commands are available.

pnpm theme-importer login [options]

This command authenticates a Studio user who is member of the group development, requests an API key creates an apikey.txt file containing the API key as well as an env.json file containing the URLs of Studio and optionally of preview and proxy in the config directory of the Frontend Workspace. If the file env.json is already existing, it is only being updated.

The API key expires after one day by default. CoreMedia on-premise platform customers may customize the expiration time in the of the Studio web application.

The following options may be passed via the command line.

Parameter Required Description
--studioUrl The URL of Studio.
--username, -u A user who is member of the group development
--password, -p The password of the user.
--previewUrl The URL of the Studio preview.
--proxyUrl The URL of the proxy server.

Table 6.64. Command-line options for the login command

If required options are not passed as command-line options, they will be prompted for. This way the command may be run without providing any command-line options. The options will all be inquired.

pnpm theme-importer logout

This command performs a logout of the user and removes the apikey.txt file.

pnpm theme-importer whoami

This command outputs information about the logged in user.

pnpm theme-importer upload-theme

This command builds the theme and uploads it to the remote Content Application Engine. All files of the theme in the home directory of the logged in developer are being cleared and replaced by the files contained in the recently uploaded theme zip.

If the user is not logged in when running this command, he will be forwarded to the login command.

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