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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.3.9 Page

This brick contains all templates required to render the core construct of an HTML page. It will integrate the PBE including the preview device slider and the developer mode icon.


Although rendering for PageGrid and PageGridPlacement is included the intention is to override it in your themes so the actual PageGrid of the your site can be rendered in a suitable way making use of our various other bricks.

  • Page.ftl renders the HTML tag.

  • Page._head.ftl renders the head tag.

  • Page._additionalHead.ftl renders CSS and JavaScript in head and provides the view hook VIEW_HOOK_HEAD.

  • Page._body.ftl renders the body tag including the PageGrid. It also shows a warning, if JavaScript is disabled.

  • Page.bodyEnd.ftl renders JavaScript at the end of the body tag and provides the view hook VIEW_HOOK_END.

  • PageGrid.ftl renders the PageGrid and includes the PageGridPlacements.

  • PageGridPlacement.ftl renders a PageGridPlacement and its items with the default view.

  • CMCSS.asCSSLink.ftl renders a link tag to include the content of a CMCSS content item.

  • MergeableResources.asCSSLink.ftl renders a link tag to include the merged CSS.

  • CMJavaScript.asJSLink.ftl renders a script tag to include the content of a CMJavaScript content item.

  • MergeableResources.asJSLink.ftl renders a script tag to include the merged JavaScript.

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