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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.10 Upgrading the Workspace

A convenient way to update your frontend workspace is by using a Git patch file, generated from the Coremedia Frontend Workspace for Blueprints GitHub repository.

Generating the patch file

CoreMedia recommends creating the patch file via GitHub. The releases for various AMP and AEP are listed in our frontend repository and their tags can be used in the URL scheme below. Upon entering this in your browser the patch file will be generated immediately. \
<version to upgrade from>...<version to upgrade to>.patch

For example /cms-9-1801.2...cms-9-1801.4.patch

Applying the patch

To apply the patch to your workspace place the patch file in its root directory and use your IDE or the following Git command:

git apply <filename>.patch

This will include the patch as unstaged changes in your current branch. To apply the patch as a commit, please use git am. To only list the changes, add the --check option. For more information please visit the Git Documentation.

When you successfully upgraded the workspace make sure to follow the release and upgrade notes for every version the patch contains.



In order to minimize conflicting changes when applying the patch file, files and folders of the frontend workspace inside the lib folder should remain untouched. For more information on how to add your own bricks or themes have a look at Section 5.3, “Using Bricks” or Section 5.1, “Creating a New Theme”.

If you removed the themes provided by CoreMedia from your workspace, applying the patch can run into errors. A workaround is to use the --exclude=[path] option and exclude the themes folder. Otherwise, the task can fail.

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