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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.6.2 Theme Scripts

pnpm build

This command will run the module bundler webpack for the theme. It will create a minimized and transpiled version of the theme as zip file in the folder target/themes/ for production.

pnpm deploy

This command will run the build task to create a theme zip file and uploads it to the /Themes folder in the content repository. You need a valid API key, otherwise you need to login like in the web developer workflow. You also need write access to the /Themes folder. Please see Section 5.6, “Importing Themes into the Repository” for more details.

pnpm start [--remote|--local]

This command will start the "watch" task of the theme for development. Please see Chapter 3, Web Development Workflow for more details.

pnpm prettier

This command will run the code formatter prettier for all files inside the folder src/js/. The configuration is defined in file .prettierrc and .prettierignore.

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