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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.4 Example Bricks

In contrast to Section 6.3, “Bricks” the bricks of this category are only for demonstration purposes of different features that can be build with the Frontend Workspace. None of these bricks is meant to be stable across different CoreMedia versions. While CoreMedia will mention changes like new features and major adjustments in the release notes there will be no direct upgrade path for example bricks.

Just like Section 6.1, “Example Themes” can be found in the themes/ folder, all example bricks can be found in the bricks/ folder of the frontend workspace. Every package is contained in a single directory prefixed with example-.



The theme build will trigger a warning if you are using an example brick in your own themes. In case you want to reuse an example brick check the chapter: Section 5.4, “Using an Example Brick”.

Available Example Bricks

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