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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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3. Web Development Workflow

This section contains the best practice web development workflow of CoreMedia. It describes how to adapt your resource files in the CoreMedia workspace with fast turnaround times and how you can deploy the files to the live system later (see Section 5.4.12, “Client Code Delivery” in Blueprint Developer Manual for details). It does not cover how to write CSS or JavaScript files or how to configure and use the CoreMedia CAE.

Web development usually takes place in IDEs or some other kind of source code editor. And since development of web resources, aside from minor changes, shouldn't take place in CoreMedia Studio, CoreMedia Blueprint provides two solutions depending on the location of the CAE (local or remote) to work with resource files in the workspace until the files are ready to be imported into the content repository.

The following sections explain the details of the web developer workflows:


Use one of the following pnpm commands inside a theme folder for starting a web developer workflow.

pnpm start Start Developer Mode with CAE, configured in env.json. Remote is the default.
pnpm start --remote Start Developer Mode using a remote CAE.
pnpm start --local Start Developer Mode using a local CAE.

Table 3.1. Developer workflow commands

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