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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.4.7 Example Footer

This brick renders a simple footer with two placements - footer and footer-navigation. The Footer placement displays a list of CMTeasable next to a copyright information and social media icons. The Footer Navigation placement displays an additional navigation above the actual footer and can handle CMTeasable as content.

While CMTeasable are displayed as a simple link in the footer navigation, there are additional templates for CMSitemap, Navigation and CMCollection to display their elements as list entries. Custom HTML can displayed in these lists by using CMHTML.

Wireframe of footer on desktop

Figure 6.16.  Wireframe of footer on desktop

Wireframe of footer on mobile

Figure 6.17.  Wireframe of footer on mobile

  1. Top section: linkable content dependent footer navigation

  2. Bottom section: legal information is rendered as another link list

  3. Copyright and social media are set in the brick's code and cannot be edited in Studio

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