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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.1.2 Chefcorp Theme

The Chefcorp theme provides a modern, appealing, highly visual theme. It demonstrates the capability to build localizable, multi-national, non-commerce websites.

Chefcorp Theme

Figure 6.2. Chefcorp Theme



This theme is a child theme derived from the Shared-Example theme. It comes with all FreeMarker templates, JavaScript, SCSS files, localizations and brick dependencies, inherited from its Parent Theme. Read Section 5.5, “Theme Inheritance” for more information about it.

Download Portal

A dependency to the download-portal brick enables the Download Portal features in the Shared-Example theme. An additional search field for all kinds of assets in the download portal can be used to add items to download collections and download them.

Content Catalog

The Chefcorp theme provides templates and style sheets for the content catalog. The corresponding category overview pages and product detail pages can be accessed via the Chefcorp navigation.

Elastic Social

In addition to the Elastic Social features, enabled in the Shared-Example theme, the Chefcorp theme does not only support anonymous commenting and reviews, but also additional Elastic Social features like registration, login and user management.

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