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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.6.1 Global Scripts

The following scripts are available in the root folder of the frontend workspace and trigger tasks in the themes and bricks if available.

pnpm test

This command will run the test script in all available bricks, themes and tools.

pnpm build

This command will run the build script in all available themes and will create a production build of all the themes.

pnpm build-frontend-zip

This command will build a single zip file containing all built themes in target/ You need to build the themes before running this script, otherwise the zip file will be empty.

pnpm deploy

This command will run the deploy script in all available themes. It runs the build script before and uploads the themes to the given Studio. Please see Section 5.6, “Importing Themes into the Repository” and Section 6.6.2, “Theme Scripts” for more details.

pnpm create-theme [name]

This command will start the interactive tool to create a new theme with the given name as parameter. The creation wizard will ask you the following questions:

  • Do you want to derive the theme from another theme?

  • Which bricks should be activated?

  • Should non-activated bricks be passed as commented out dependencies?

Please check Section 5.1, “Creating a New Theme” for more details.

pnpm create-brick [name]

This command will create a new blank and minimal brick with the given name as parameter in the folder bricks/. Please check Section 5.2, “Creating a New Brick” for more details.

pnpm eject

This command can eject (creates a copy) of any available brick. The wizard will let you select the bricks from a list and will ask for a new name. The ejected bricks will be created in the folder bricks/.

pnpm prettier

This command will run the code formatter prettier in all themes and bricks.

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