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Frontend Developer Manual / Version 2310

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6.1.4 Calista Theme

The Calista theme comes with a modern and minimal fully responsive design. Build on Twitter Bootstrap and our bricks. It demonstrates the capability to build localizable, multi-national, experience-driven eCommerce fashion websites.

Calista Theme

Figure 6.4. Calista Theme

The header placement provides a search field, cart icon, language chooser, a link to the login page and a section for displaying additional links next to them.



This theme is a child theme derived from the Shared-Example theme. It comes with all FreeMarker templates, JavaScript, SCSS files, localizations and brick dependencies, inherited from its Parent Theme. Read Section 5.5, “Theme Inheritance” for more information about it.


Integration with ships out of the box. The theme is based on the Shared-Example theme (See Section 6.1.1, “Shared-Example Theme”) and adds a dependency to the Example Cart Brick and the Example Product Assets.

Elastic Social

The Elastic Social feature is enabled in Calista by default. Commenting works in articles on the blog page, other Elastic Social features are not yet supported out of the box in the Calista Theme. To enable comments on other pages, these pages need to link to an Elastic Social settings content item in their Linked Settings sections. See the Chapter 1, Preface in Elastic Social Manual to learn more about Elastic Social.

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