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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.10 Content Schema

The types and interfaces in the schema file content-schema.graphql define a subset of the CoreMedia Blueprint content model in GraphQL SDL terms. The Blueprint content types are mapped to GraphQL interfaces of the same name, while an object type with the suffix Impl serves as the implementation of these interfaces. From the GraphQL field content of query root type, data of CoreMedia CMS content items is reachable via GraphQL queries (some fields omitted for brevity):

type Query {
  content: ContentRoot

type ContentRoot {
  content(id: String!, type: String): Content_
    @fetch(from: "getContent(#id,#type)")
  article(id: String!): CMArticle
    @fetch(from: "getContent(#id, 'CMArticle')")
  picture(id: String!): CMPicture
    @fetch(from: "getContent(#id, 'CMPicture')")
  page(id: String!): CMChannel
  pageByPath(path: String!): CMChannel
    @fetch(from: ", #context['caasViewName'])")
  site(siteId: String, id: String  @deprecated(reason: "Arg 'id' is deprecated. Use 'siteId' instead.")): Site
  sites: [Site]!

The following sections will discuss some example queries using these content root fields.

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