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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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7. eCommerce Extension

All eCommerce functionality of the Headless Server is bundled within the Blueprint module headless-server-ec-augmentation. It contains GraphQL schema extension files, Java code and Spring configuration to implement this schema extension. The extension allows clients to issue GraphQL queries for augmentation data for categories, products, external commerce pages and product lists.

The GraphQL schema extension contains commerce specific types and support for product and category augmentations.

The schema extension uses the GraphQL extension mechanism to add a new field commerce of type CommerceRoot to the query root object. This API may use an underlying Commerce Hub connection to the commerce system. Some of the commerce related calls can also be found below content as long as they do not need an underlying Commerce Hub connection.


No Commerce Data

The eCommerce extension does not provide access to pure eCommerce related data like catalogs, categories and products. Instead the Headless Server provides augmentation data for categories, products, external commerce pages, product lists and navigation. Pure eCommerce data should be retrieved from the eCommerce system itself. In order to use the Headless Server in ecommerce projects with GraphQL, projects should use a schema gateway to combine both schemas (CoreMedia Headless Server and commerce system) to one combined graph. It is also possible to let a client talk to both backends in parallel, depending on the degree of integration needed.

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