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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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5.2.1 Rich Text Adapters

An implementation class of the interface RichTextAdapter is used to parse and eventually transform markup of a specific grammar and provide it as an object structure, representing the transformed markup.

In order to create a grammar specific RichTextAdapter, a ModelMapper to map Markup to RichTextAdapter is registered using the graphql-java instrumentation in CaasConfig. The ModelMapper then creates for every Markup object an instance of the appropriate RichTextAdapter implementation. The RichTextAdapter processes the given Markup into a custom representation of the rich text. Finally, an additional converter is responsible to convert the custom representation of the RichTextAdapter into the common markup representation of type Map<String,Object>.

Conversion flow from Markup to a Map of scalars

Figure 5.1. Conversion flow from Markup to a Map of scalars



The diagram shows the general conversion flow of markup objects. It hides the configuration details, which are considered implementation specific, for example, the YAML based configuration of the transformation of the out-of-the-box RichTextAdapter for the CoreMedia grammar, as described at Section 5.1, “Rich Text Output”.

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