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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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5.1.9 Internal Links

Inside CoreMedia Rich Text markup, links to other content objects may be embedded inside anchor and image elements. These are called internal links. Internal links are built by the configured LinkComposer for String-valued hyperlinks. Link composers are described in Section 4.9, “Building Links”.

For each anchor (<a>) element, two attributes are added:


Contains the generated link.


Contains the link behavior.

Possible values for link behavior as specified in are:

  • new

  • replace

  • embed

  • other

  • none

For each image (<img>) element, a

  • data-src attribute is added, with the generated link and a
  • data-uritemplate attribute with the result of composing a link to a ResponsiveMediaAdapter wrapped around the data blob of the image. It has variables for both the crop name and the desired image width. When expanded with valid values for these variables (as configured in the responsive media settings for the site), this URI template will yield a URL pointing to the MediaController running inside the Headless Server. Note that this might be (and usually is) a URL relative to the Headless Server endpoint.
  • alt: The alt property of CMMedia objects (or subtypes).

Here is an excerpt of some article detail text with an internal link to a picture content item:

<p>ChefSupply RGB LED Strip</p>
<p><img data-src="coremedia:/CMPicture/4790"
        alt="ChefSupply RGB LED Strip 01"/></p>

Note that an example link composer contentUriLinkComposer for content objects is configured in and may need customization as described in Section 4.9, “Building Links”. This example link composer generates links that contains the content id:

<a data-href="coremedia:///cap/content/7246" data-show="embed">

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