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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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2. Overview

CoreMedia Headless Server is a CoreMedia component which allows access to CoreMedia content as JSON through a GraphQL endpoint.

The generic API allows customers to use CoreMedia CMS for headless use cases, for example, delivery of pure content to native mobile applications, smartwatches/wearable Devices, Out-of-Home or In-Store Displays or Internet-of-Things use cases.

CoreMedia Headless Server provides an additional way of content delivery:

Headless Server overview

Figure 2.1. Headless Server overview

The Headless Server comes with the following feature set:

  • Access through a GraphQL endpoint

  • GraphQL schema support for CoreMedia content types with type inheritance (see Chapter 4, Developing a Content Type Model in Content Server Manual for details of CoreMedia content types).

  • Support for Spring EL in GraphQL schemas

  • Access to CoreMedia business logic

  • Multi-Site/Language delivery

  • Validity/Visibility of Content

  • Navigation and Page Grid support

  • Responsive Images

  • Rich Text Transformation

  • Image Maps, Shoppable Videos, Teaser with multiple targets, Videos in Banners

  • Full Text Search

  • Dynamic Query Lists

  • eCommerce integration via CoreMedia Commerce Hub

  • Studio JSON Preview Client which integrates in CoreMedia Studio

  • Deployment as a Spring Boot application

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