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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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3.4.1 JSON Preview Client

The JSON Preview Client is available in the Maven module json-preview-client of the Blueprint workspace.


The JSON preview client is deployed together with the Headless Server. The Headless Server has a dependency to json-preview-client. It is activated with property caas.preview=true which is set for headless-server-preview.

To remove the JSON Preview Client, the dependency to json-preview-client has to be removed from pom.xml of module headless-server-app.

JSON Preview Client Configuration

A JSON Preview is available for all content types that have a preview configured. To support specific content type properties, corresponding queries can be added in content.graphql.

As the JSON Preview Client is deployed together with the headless-server-preview, the following configuration needs to be applied to headless-server-preview:

  • Endpoint of the Headless Server for the JSON Preview Client:


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