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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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5.2.3 CoreMedia Grammar RichTextAdapter

Headless Server delivers a ready to use implementation to parse and transform the CoreMedia rich text grammar 1.0, using the same techniques as described above. The implementation classes are

  • CMGrammarRichTextAdapter
  • CMGrammarRichTextAdapterFactory
  • CMGrammarRichTextToMapConverter

Though the CMGrammarRichTextAdapterFactory defines the grammar, which can be parsed by its corresponding RichTextAdapter, CMGrammarRichTextAdapter is grammar agnostic. CMGrammarRichTextAdapter implements a stax based parsing technology and can be configured using YAML files (see Section 5.1, “Rich Text Output” for details).

It is possible to reuse CMGrammarRichTextAdapter in a custom factory responsible for a custom grammar. This is an alternative of the first development step. If you consider reusing CMGrammarRichTextAdapter, keep in mind, that a grammar specific YAML configuration is necessary on top.

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