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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.9 Building Links

In GraphQL, Objects may contain cross references (relations, "links") to other objects:

  • Typically, a special field holds some kind of identifier or ID of this object, and other objects refer to it with the value of this ID.

  • Another kind of reference is a hyperlink, for example the URL of some binary resource.

The CoreMedia Headless Server supports both types of references by a unified Link Composing API. This API is a generalization of the CAE link schemes and post processors (see Section, “Writing Link Schemes” in Content Application Developer Manual and Section, “Post Processing Links” in Content Application Developer Manual).

A LinkComposer is a PartialFunction from some domain object type to a resulting link type.

All link composers are partial functions: if they are not able to map an object to a proper link of the given target type, they return an empty Optional. If no configured link composer returns a non-empty Optional, the GraphQL query response will contain a null value for the link.

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