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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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1.2.2 CoreMedia Releases

Downloading and Upgrading the Blueprint Workspace

CoreMedia provides its software as a Maven based workspace. You can download the current workspace or older releases via the following URL:

Refer to our Blueprint Github mirror repository for recommendations to upgrade the workspace either via Git or patch files.



If you encounter a 404 error then you are probably not logged in at GitHub or do not have sufficient permissions yet. See Section 1.2.1, “Registration” for details about the registration process. If the problems persist, try clearing your browser cache and cookies.

Maven artifacts

CoreMedia provides parts of its release artifacts via Maven under the following URL:

You have to add your CoreMedia credentials to your Maven settings file as described in section Section 3.1, “Prerequisites” in Blueprint Developer Manual .

npm packages

CoreMedia provides parts of its release artifacts as npm packages under the following URL:

Your pnpm client first needs to be logged in to be able to utilize the registry (see Section 3.1, “Prerequisites” in Blueprint Developer Manual ).

License files

You need license files to run the CoreMedia system. Contact the support (see Section 1.2.5, “CoreMedia Support” ) to get your licences.

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