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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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3.2 Endpoints of the Headless Server

For the Headless Server several endpoints are available.


GraphQL is the standard endpoint of the Headless Server and available at /graphql.

It serves GraphQL requests as specified on


GraphiQL is a graphical interactive in-browser GraphQL IDE. See the GraphiQL GitHub repository for details.

The GraphiQL endpoint is, by default, enabled for the Headless Server in preview mode and available at /graphiql.

Swagger UI

Swagger UI is a tool to visualize and interact with REST resources. More information can be found at

For the Headless Server, media objects are delivered via REST and can be inspected with Swagger UI.

Swagger UI is only available, if configured. Default, it is enabled for the Headless Server in preview mode and available at /swagger-ui/index.html.

JSON Preview and Preview URL Service

The JSON Preview and corresponding Preview URL Service are only available in Headless Server preview mode and provide a preview integration into CoreMedia Studio. See Section 3.4, “Preview” for details.

Endpoints for JSON Preview and Preview URL Service are /preview and /previewurl.


Persisted queries (see Chapter 9, Persisted Queries) may be accessed by simple HTTP GET requests. As the persisted queries are customizable and freely definable by name, the endpoints are exposed dynamically relatively to the endpoint /caas/v1/. See Chapter 10, REST Access to GraphQL for details.

All endpoints to persisted queries are documented automatically within the Swagger UI.

Site Filter

A site filter restricts the access of GraphQL queries to content objects of one site only. See Chapter 11, Site Filter for details.

Media Endpoint

The media endpoint serves all managed media files (BLOBs). It is available at /caas/v1/media. See Chapter 12, Media Endpoint for details.

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