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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.16.2 Beans For Plugins

Beans for plugins are regular Spring Beans provided by the main application context to the plugin context. The beans are meant to provide certain services of the Headless Server as part of the public Plugin API.



Many beans for plugins are regular service beans, also used in the main application context. As most of these beans are designed as singletons, they must never be used by a plugin via the configuration classes used in the main application context. Doing so will result in unpredictable side effects, as the beans, designed as singletons, are created in the plugin context also!

To use beans for plugins the correct way, import the intended beans for plugins Configuration to your plugin configuration class.

Headless Server offers these beans for plugins configuration classes to provide beans for plugins:

  • com.coremedia.cms.common.plugins.beans_for_plugins.CommonBeansForPluginsConfiguration

  • com.coremedia.blueprint.base.caas.beans_for_plugins.HeadlessBlueprintBaseBeansForPluginsConfiguration

@Configuration(proxyBeanMethods = false)
public class MyPluginConfiguration {
  public MyBean getMyBean(
    @Qualifier("caeSolrQueryBuilder") SolrQueryBuilder solrQueryBuilder
  ) {
    // create the bean
    return myBean;

Example 4.11. Using a bean for plugin in a plugin configuration


Provides shared beans which are not especially offered by Headless Server. For details about the provided beans, see the original JavaDoc.


Provides Headless Server specific beans originating from Blueprint Base.

Bean NameTypeDescription
caeSolrQueryBuilder SolrQueryBuilder Provides a SolrQuery for the 'cmdismax' endpoint.
dynamicContentSolrQueryBuilder SolrQueryBuilder Provides a SolrQuery for the 'select' endpoint.
suggestionsSolrQueryBuilder SolrQueryBuilder Provides a SolrQuery for the 'suggest' endpoint.

Table 4.1. Available Beans in HeadlessBlueprintBaseBeansForPluginsConfiguration

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