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Headless Server Developer Manual / Version 2310

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4.16.3 Resource file loading

Supported resource types in plugins are expected at predefined, non configurable paths. To provide any of the supported resource file types, simply add your resources at the predefined resource paths.

The paths are defined in the class PluginSupport as static constants.

GraphQL schema extensions

Plugins may add their own graphql schema extensions by adding resource files. The path pattern is defined at PluginSupport#GRAPHQL_SCHEMA_RESOURCE_PATTERN. For details about graphql schema definition, see Section 4.1, “Defining the GraphQL Schema”.

Schema metadata property mapping

To support preview based editing in Studio, it is also possible to add appropriate metadata property mappings for the graphql extensions. The path pattern is defined at PluginSupport#METADATA_PROPERTY_MAPPING_RESOURCE_PATTERN. For details about metadata property mapping, see Chapter 13, Metadata Root.

Richtext transformations

To add individual richtext transformations, plugins may provide additional YAML configurations. The path pattern is defined at PluginSupport#RICHTEXT_RESOURCE_PATTERN. For details about richtext transformations, see Section 5.1, “Rich Text Output”.

Persisted queries

Serverside persisted queries may be provided using the path pattern defined at PluginSupport#PERSISTED_QUERY_RESOURCE_PATTERN. For details about persisted queries, see Section 9.1, “Loading Persisted Queries at Server Startup”.

Rest mappings to persisted queries

The optional, corresponding rest mappings for persisted queries may be provided using the path pattern defined at PluginSupport#REST_MAPPING_RESOURCE_PATTERN. For details about REST Access, see Section 10.1, “Mapping REST Access to Persisted Queries”.

JSLT transformations

Additional JSLT transformations for REST requests of persisted queries may be provided using the path pattern defined at PluginSupport#JSLT_RESOURCE_PATTERN. For details about JSLT transformations, see Section 10.2, “JSLT Transformation”.

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