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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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2. Component Overview

CoreMedia CMS is a distributed web content management system (WCMS) for creation, management and delivery of context dependent content. Most of the applications of CoreMedia CMS are deployed as web applications in a servlet container. Only the Site Manager and the server utilities are deployed as stand-alone applications. All applications can be deployed into the Cloud.

With CoreMedia Content Cloud you do not get a program to install and run, but a workspace to develop within, to build and to deploy artifacts from.

The communication between all applications can be secured. See Section 4.4, “Communication between the System Applications” for details.

All applications of CoreMedia CMS use Logback for logging. See Section 4.7, “Logging” for details. By default, all CoreMedia applications register relevant resources via JMX as MBeans for management and monitoring purposes. So, you can use a common JMX client such as JConsole to change or check the configuration, to start tasks or to get statistic data. If you only want to have a look at the configured JMX parameter and its values, you can simply use the CoreMedia utility jmxdump, which simply prints out this information, as described in Section, “JMXDump” in Content Server Manual.

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