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4.7.1 Logging Configuration for Applications

CoreMedia applications use Logback. The log configuration for each application is packaged into each application jar archive. To configure the log level of a specific logger, you only need to set an application property, which follows the Spring Boot standard for log configuration. You can set the property in any of the location described here.

If for example you want to set the log level of the com.coremedia logger to debug, set the following property and restart the application.

If you want to change the log level at runtime without restart, you can use the logger management actuator for an application if enabled. If that is the case, you can use a simple PUT request to set the new level. Please visit the official Spring Documentation for more details.

If you want to change other logging characteristics, you need to add a src/main/resources/logback-spring.xml file in each Spring Boot application module before building it.

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