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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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4.4 Communication between the System Applications

IOR inquiry and answer between CoreMedia Client and Server

Figure 4.1. IOR inquiry and answer between CoreMedia Client and Server

CORBA is used for the communication between CoreMedia system applications. All CoreMedia applications require the IOR of the Content Server which they want to communicate with. The IOR of the Content Server will be delivered by the server via the HTTP protocol.

  • All applications require the IOR of the Content Server with which they want to communicate.

  • The URL where to get the IOR of the Content Server is configured with the parameter cap.client.server.ior.url=<IOR-URL> in the file

  • The value of the parameter is http://<server>:<port>/ior. Instead of <server> you have to insert the name of the computer where the server is running. Instead of <port> you have to insert the HTTP port on which the client connects to the server.

  • Example: The Content Server host has the name productionserver and the property cap.server.http-port is set to 44445. In this case, you can obtain the IOR with the following URL:

  • cap.client.server.ior.url=http://productionserver:44445/ior

The Content Management Server/Live Server embed their own host names into the IOR which must be resolved by the client machines. If this is not possible by the client, you can configure the server to embed a numeric IP address into the IOR. To do so, set the property In the following example, the ORB is configured to embed its numeric address, by setting a system property:""

The Unified API takes care of detecting and cleaning up stale TCP connections at the CORBA level. This aids in reconnecting to the servers after a communication failure or a server downtime. If reconnects happen spuriously without an obvious cause, this feature can be disabled by setting the system property com.coremedia.corba.orb.reconnect=false.

As said before, classic CoreMedia client applications read its file to access the property cap.client.server.ior.url for the IOR URL of the server. Newer CAE/Spring/Unified API based clients read its Spring configuration file (repository.xml, CapConnectionFactory...) to access the server IOR. When Content Servers act as clients to access other Content Servers, they read the IOR URL from other configuration files:

  • The Content Management Server must know the IOR of the Master Live Server during publication.

  • The IOR URL is stored in the property[0].ior-url.

  • The Replication Live Server (when installed) has to communicate with its Master Live Server.

  • The IOR URL is stored in the property replicator.publicationIorUrl.

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