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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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5.2.7 Studio

In this section you will find information about monitoring the health of CoreMedia Studio, or more specifically its REST backend.

JMX MBeans

The MBeans for CoreMedia Studio are by default configured via artifact com.coremedia.ui:editing-rest-component. Contained MBeans are:

Recommended JMX Monitoring
Theme Importer Monitoring

The Theme Importer is either used explicitly via command line interface or implicitly through the Frontend Development Workflow. Its communication endpoint is deployed with CoreMedia Studio. The communication endpoint provides a simple health check with a response as JSON, to check if the endpoint is available in general. Note, that the path below is a relative path to CoreMedia Studio and needs to be adjusted according to your deployment.

Find more details in Section 6.6.4, “Theme Importer” in Frontend Developer Manual.

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