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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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5.1.2 Endpoints

Most CoreMedia systems provide Java Management Extensions (JMX) to monitor system states. Others may provide a REST API to query the state. The Spring Boot metrics actuator endpoint also exposes some metrics that can be used for monitoring, see Section 4.10.6, “Metrics Endpoint”.

In order to configure available managed beans (MBeans) for JMX, components need to register them via com.coremedia.jmx.MBeanRegistrator as described in Section, “The JMX Component” in Blueprint Developer Manual .

Note, that the description of available MBeans in this chapter is based on the default Blueprint configuration and may vary in your deployment.

JMX Monitoring Recommendations

This manual groups monitoring on service/application level as well as by JMX MBeans. However, if your monitoring solution offers service discovery, it is recommended to use this feature rather than configuring monitoring for each service independently. So, for example instead of configuring monitoring for CoreMedia Studio and Content Application Engine for a healthy CapConnection you will rather search for services exposing the CapConnection MBean.

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