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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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4.1.1 Configuration of the Start Routine with JPIF Files

Each command-line tool has its own start file with the ending ".jpif", which is executed on startup. The name of this file corresponds to the name used for starting the application with the cm/ command (for example cm runlevel uses runlevel.jpif). You'll find these files in the <COREM_HOME>/bin directory.

The JPIF files for applications determine which Java class should be executed on starting the application. Further settings for the operation of the application can also be stored in this file. This file can be used to modify the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) where the application runs, while parameters can be passed to the JVM.

The following CoreMedia relevant modifications can be configured for the Java Virtual Machine in the JAVA_VM_ARGS section of the JPIF file:

The memory usage within the Java Virtual Machine can be configured using the explicit parameters -Xms<size> and -Xmx<size> or the relative parameters -XX:MinRAMPercentage=<size> and -XX:MaxRAMPercentage=<size>. -Xms and -XX:MinRAMPercentage specify the initial object memory size. -Xmx and -XX:MaxRAMPercentage the maximum object memory size. The memory requirement for the applications is not preconfigured and it should be sized according to the standard hardware recommendations. To size an application, you should use the default JVM command-line augmentation facade, the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable, either set globally or per process.

The ORB can be configured to use a fixed CORBA port using the parameter com.coremedia.corba.server.port as described in Section 4.4, “Communication between the System Applications”.

Furthermore, the target of the log outputs of the Java process (see Section 4.7, “Logging”) can be configured with the parameter OUTPUT_REDIRECT.

Three JPIF files cannot be invoked directly with the cm command. They are executed internally:

  • pre-config.jpif for installation depending settings. In this file, the parameter VERBOSE can be set to false to reduce JVM outputs. On a Unix system, the JVM to use is set in this file.

  • module.jpif for general environment settings for the Java programs in the CoreMedia system.

  • post-config.jpif for special CoreMedia JVM settings.

In general, these files need not be changed.

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