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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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3. System Requirements

A CoreMedia system has to rely on several (third-party) software components, for proper operation. CoreMedia tests CoreMedia CMS with the most common combinations used by our customers and distinguishes between two levels of approved infrastructure components:

  • Certified level

  • Certified infrastructure components are extensively tested to work with the CoreMedia CMS system. Every infrastructure component approved with the first final CMS Release is certified. It is recommended to use these components for productive systems.

  • Supported level

  • Supported infrastructure components will also work with CoreMedia applications but they are tested less exhaustively, because they are released after the first final CMS Release. They also can be used for productive systems. Refer to the notes.html file for announcements of additionally supported environments or the reference of this manual.

Note: the state "deprecated" is also used on occasion. Deprecated infrastructure components are either of certified or supported level in the current version of the CoreMedia CMS but do not carry official approval by CoreMedia beyond this version.



All necessary security updates for approved versions, recommended by vendors of infrastructure components (such as OS, Java, database...), are supported by CoreMedia automatically. This does not apply to feature updates!

You will find the approved components in the Supported Operation Environments document on In the following sections you will find some general hints for the usage of these components:



Please keep in mind, that the databases and application servers have only been tested in CoreMedia compliant operating environments and therefore are only approved on these platforms.

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