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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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4.4.3 Binding Only a Single Network Interface

By default, both HTTP port and the CORBA port are bound to all network interfaces. For example your server might be accessible through two network cards using the IP addresses and For security reasons, you might want to grant access to the servers only through one of the interfaces.

Binding the HTTP port to only one single interface can be achieved by setting the property server.address to the corresponding IP.

For limiting the access through CORBA, too, set the following properties when starting the Content Management Server and the Workflow Server:

Property Type Property Name Property Value
System <IpAddress>
System com.coremedia.corba.server.single-ip <IpAddress>

Table 4.2. Properties for Single IP configuration

Replace <IpAddress> by the IP address of the network interface to bind, for example If you want to secure this connection via SSL, proceed with the next section.

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