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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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The client components provide the following metrics about their cap connections:

  • coremedia.connection.blobcachefaults

  • coremedia.connection.contentrepositoryavailable

  • coremedia.connection.disrupted

  • coremedia.connection.eventretrievaldelay

  • coremedia.connection.heapcachefaults

  • coremedia.connection.latestcontenteventsequencenumber

  • coremedia.connection.latestreceivedcontenteventsequencenumber

  • coremedia.connection.numberofsusessions


  • coremedia.connection.stable

  • coremedia.connection.timesincelasteventretrieval

  • coremedia.connection.workflowrepositoryavailable

For the meanings of the properties see the API documentation of com.coremedia.cap.common.CapConnectionManager. Boolean values are represented by the numbers 0.0 and 1.0. For example, if you request the availability of the content repository with


you get a response like

  "name": "coremedia.connection.contentrepositoryavailable",
  "description": "whether the content repository is currently available",
  "baseUnit": null,
  "measurements": [
      "statistic": "VALUE",
      "value": 1.0
  "availableTags": []

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