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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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5.3.5 Proactive Engine Sub Component

The Proactive Engine is a sub component of the CAE Feeder. The attributes and metrics mentioned in Table 5.5, “Proactive Engine JMX Monitoring” are suggested for monitoring.

For a complete overview of available attributes and metrics have a look at Section 6.4, “CAE Feeder JMX Managed Beans” in Search Manual and com.coremedia.cap.persistentcache.proactive.ProactiveEngineManagement.

Type Gauge
Value Type int

The total number of "keys" that need to be kept up-to-date by the CAE Feeder.

The value may go down when destroying content or moving content outside the path configured for feeding.

Should be monitored together with ValuesCount. See description of ValuesCount for details.

Type Gauge
Value Type int

The number of "keys" whose latest evaluation is still up-to-date. This is a subset of the total number of keys returned by attribute KeysCount and thus ValuesCount is always less than or equal to KeysCount.

The value may go down on invalidations.

Monitoring typically observes the difference of KeysCount versus ValuesCount: A stable state is reached, when KeysCount is equal to ValuesCount. Otherwise, so if ValuesCount is less than KeysCount, the value of ValuesCount should increase over time. If it does not increase within a given amount of time, you should raise an alarm.

Table 5.5. Proactive Engine JMX Monitoring

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