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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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4.3 Configuration of CoreMedia Applications

CoreMedia server application, like the Content Application Engine or the Content Management Server for example, are deployed as a Spring Boot application JAR file and therefore follow the Spring Boot defaults for externalize configuration.

All other applications that follow the proprietary application structure, like the command-line utilities or the Site Manager, can be configured using the following instructions:

CoreMedia applications are configured with Java properties files with the ending .properties. The encoding is ISO-8859-1. Each line stores a single property with the format key=value. The hash sign (#) is used for labeling comments, and the backslash (\) is used as escape character.

Each application of the CoreMedia system has one or more relevant property files where the operation of the application can be configured.

The locations of properties files for CoreMedia applications are (depending on the particular application):

  • properties/corem

  • config


Windows Paths in Java Properties Files

When you configure a Windows paths in a property file, you have to escape a backslash with a second backslash in the path. This applies especially to paths for an importer inbox path. For more details about writing property values, see the Javadoc for the load() method in the java.util.Properties Java class.

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