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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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5.3.6 Replicator

The attributes and metrics mentioned in Table 5.6, “Replicator JMX Monitoring” are suggested for monitoring.

For a complete overview of available attributes and metrics have a look at Section 5.2, “Managed Properties” in Content Server Manual.

Type Counter
Value Type long

The sequence number of the latest incoming event, useful for comparison between Master Live Server and Replication Live Server.

A typical health check monitors Server.RepositorySequenceNumber versus Replicator.LatestIncomingSequenceNumber, so that they do not diverge over a given threshold. A possible threshold could be the Server.RepositorySequenceNumber from some minutes ago, which should not be greater than Replicator.LatestIncomingSequenceNumber. Please consult your monitoring solution if it is possible to express such condition.

Table 5.6. Replicator JMX Monitoring

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