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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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4.9 JMX Management

By default, all CoreMedia applications register relevant resources via JMX as MBeans for management and monitoring purposes. This might range from simple log configuration up to repository statistics or cache capacities. You will find a list of the functionality supported via JMX in most of the CoreMedia application manuals.

All resources are registered using Spring's ability to register and export MBeans to an MBean server. If you use a JDK with version 6 or higher, you can access the MBean server with any JMX client without configuration, if this client is running on the same machine. A common JMX client is JConsole, which is bundled with Oracle's JDK but you can also choose one of the freely available clients.

All CoreMedia web applications use a common component for JMX management, that provides common JMX infrastructure such as a remote connector server.

The remote connector server can be configured by providing the property management.server.remote.url. It is, however, recommended to leave this property empty so that no separate remote connector server is started, and instead to use the servlet container's remote connector server.

For more information about the management component see the Blueprint Developer Manual .

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