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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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4.2 CoreMedia CMS Directory Structure

CoreMedia applications come either as or as Spring Boot applications or as applications using the CoreMedia proprietary application structure. The latter will be described here.

CoreMedia applications

A CoreMedia application, the Server Utilities for example, has the following directories:

  • ./bin: Start scripts (see Section 4.1, “Starting CoreMedia Command-Line Tools”) for Unix (cm) and Windows (cm.exe, cmw.exe) as well as the start scripts of the individual CoreMedia utility programs and the Site Manager.

  • ./lib: Runtime resources like Java JAR files and DLLs.

  • ./classes: Optional local classes. Note: The directory does not exist in the standard installation. It can contain customer-specific extensions.

  • ./config/<component>: XML configuration files of the application.

  • ./properties/corem: CoreMedia CMS configuration files in Java properties format.

  • ./var/log: log files of the CoreMedia applications (see Section 4.7, “Logging”).

  • ./var/run: runtime data (such as Process ID).

  • ./var/tmp: temporary data.

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