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Operations Basics / Version 2301

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4.10.2 Health Endpoint

The health endpoint can be enriched with custom health checks by adding classes extending the class of the Spring Boot framework. Each health indicator is a bean with a name suffix healthIndicator. In the example below we will describe the usage on a health indicator with the name uapiConnection.

By default the health indicator can be enabled or disbled by configuring the following property:

Endpoint properties.

When activated, the health indicator will extend the default health endpoint with its name as its subpath.

Endpoint details activated.

Endpoint URL. 


When requested using a GET HTTP request, the endpoint will response with a HTTP return code, matching the state of the check.


  "status": "UP", 1
  "uapiConnection": {
    "status": "UP", 2
    "details": {
      "content repository": "OK" 3


Global health endpoint status.


Health status of the uapiConnection health indicator.


Details of the uapiConnection health indicator when detailed view is enabled.

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