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5.4.4 Modifying the Search Index



Configuration not mandatory

Change the Apache Solr schema.xml in <solr-home>/configsets/cae/conf if you want to add index fields.

By default, search is performed in the index field textbody and language-dependent variants textbody_* when using the /cmdismax request handler configured in file <solr-home>/configsets/cae/conf/solrconfig.xml.

If you want to search in a different field, or want to use a special field for sorting, faceting or anything like that, then you must add that field to the Solr configuration file schema.xml.

The CAE Feeder sets the additional field when an indexed feedable contains an element whose name matches the field's name. See Section 5.4.3, “Customizing Feedables for details on feedables and their construction.

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