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Table Of Contents Configuring Updates of Rights Rule Changes

The Content Feeder indexes the groups with potential read rights to a content in the index field groups. The set of groups is then used to narrow a user's search down to the contents where he could have read rights to. This is an optimization to reduce the number of search results on which the client must check read rights and for more accurate search suggestion numbers. The downside of this optimization is a slightly increased feeding load, because the index field must be updated for all contents below a folder whose rights rules have changed. You can disable this optimization by setting the property feeder.content.index-groups to false. If you've set that property to false, then you must also configure Studio and CoreMedia Content Server to not add a query condition for the indexed groups. To this end, set the Studio property and the CoreMedia Content Server property solr.useGroupsFilterQuery to false. In general, it's recommended to keep property feeder.content.index-groups at its default value true.

Because rights changes may lead to lots of reindexing, the Content Feeder treats these changes differently than normal editorial changes. It updates index documents after rights changes in the background when it is idle. Rights changes are processed with lower priority than editorial changes. Feeding of rights changes does not block feeding of editorial changes.

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